Sugaring Certification Courses

Why Learn the Ancient Art of Sugaring?

Sugaring services are in demand. Once clients get sugared, the majority of them remain loyal Sugaring clients due to the effectiveness and benefits of this natural method of hair removal.

Benefits of Sugaring:

Sugar paste is NEVER hot, will NOT burn or lift skin because it only adheres to dead skin cells not live skin, so the process is gentle and non abrasive for the skin, making it ideal for all skin types, including those clients with sensitive skin

Sugar is all natural, water soluble and only consists of: sugar, water & lemon, making it easy to clean from clients’ skin and other surfaces in the treatment room with a warm wipe or towel

Since hair is removed in the direction of hair growth, which extracts the root from deeper and more intact, Sugaring causes less breakage and ingrown hairs than traditional waxing methods, and the hair grows back slower and finer

Sugaring can extract hairs as short as 1/16 of an inch on clients who get sugared regularly and exfoliates the skin, resulting in a smoother and cleaner hair removal process, softer and less irritated skin, and less tweezing.

Sugaring is cost effective and better for the environment since there is no need for sticks or strips

Why Train with Aimee?

Aloha potential Sugaristas! My name is Aimee Le, and I have been proudly working as an Esthetician since 2012 and have been perfecting the Art of Sugaring since 2015. I have been gracious enough to have worked at successful beauty establishments throughout Southern California, the Hawaiian island of Maui, and now in the wonderful city of Chicago at one of the most prestigious and popular beauty salons, Painless Waxing Boutique. When you take a Sugaring Certification Course with me, you will receive hands on personal guidance in a small intimate class setting or private one on one training. Most importantly, I am dedicated to your success as a working Sugarista and will provide ongoing support if you have any questions or concerns after getting certified.

What You Will Learn

  • Sugar Theory-where it originated, why and how it works, and how to talk to your clients about the benefits of Sugaring and the importance of keeping on a regular Sugaring cycle
  • Work with different sugar pastes and learn how custom blend pastes according to the area being sugared
  • How to prep skin before the Sugaring treatment and post care
  • Proper hand positioning for applying sugar and flicking motion for removing sugar
  • Full Leg Sugaring, Full Arm Sugaring, Underarm Sugaring, Full Face Sugaring, Bikini & Brazilian Sugaring
  • One on one assistance in which I will teach you how to trouble shoot in order to get yourself out of sticky situations that will inevitably arise because Sugaring is an art form at its finest!
  • You will gain access to a private Facebook Group for students who I have trained. This is an open space to ask questions, get feedback, share tips & tricks and continue to grow with your fellow Sugaristas

Is a Kit Included?

No, you must register for an account and purchase a kit (kits range from $98-$720) through Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring at 2 weeks before your class date.
Once you register and order your kit, you will receive, via email, access to an Online Theory Course to be completed prior to the class date as well as a hard copy of the training manual that ships with your kit to the location of your training, which will be Painless Waxing Boutique.
Additionally, once you complete your Sugaring Certification Course, you will be able to purchase your Sugaring pastes and supplies directly through Tamara’s website with your own account.


Classes are for licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists or for current students in these programs. Prior to booking your class, you must present by email a current valid license or Beauty school ID or proof of current enrollment in Beauty school.

To reserve your spot for an upcoming class there is a required non-refundable $200 deposit due to hold your spot and will be applied to your balance. The remaining non-refundable course fee is due 1 week prior to class.

Students will be working on each other, so please grow out your body hair for at least a couple weeks prior to class. If taking a private class, or if you do not have enough body hair, you as the student must provide models with appropriate hair length to work on.

Please trim your nails. Your fingernails (even if they are fake) must be cut short since the Sugaring technique is performed with gloved hands using the fingertips for application of sugar. Long nails can rip through the gloves and can make the application of sugar very uncomfortable for clients.

Upcoming Training Dates

2 Day Certification Course
June 24 & 25
August 26 & 2

Class Pricing

Small Group Class (2-4 students) – $599 for 2 Day Certification Course

Private 2 Day Certification Course – $799 (student must bring models)

Advanced One on One Training in the Art of Brazilian Sugaring – $199 for 3 Hours**

Advanced One on One Training in Student’s Area(s) of Choice – $150 for 2 Hours (student must bring models)**

**Advanced Training is only offered to students already certified in Sugaring

Ready to Become a Sugarista?

For inquiries or if you would like to be notified of future Sugaring classes, please email me using the form below. I can answer your questions and guide you through the next steps to becoming a Sugarista!

I am ready to became a sugarista!