Sugaring Training

Why Learn Sugaring?

Sugaring Services are in high demand, with very few establishments offering this amazing service with so many great benefits. Once clients get sugared, majority of them will remain loyal, due to the effectiveness of this natural method of hair removal.

The benefits of Sugaring Include:

Sugar Paste is never too hot. It will not burn or lift skin because it only adheres to dead skin cells not live skin, making it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Sugar is all natural, water soluble and only consists of sugar, water and lemon making it easy to clean from clients skin, and other surfaces in the treatment room with a warm wipe or towel.  Hair is removed in the direction of hair growth for a more polished extraction causing less breakage and ingrown hairs as well as less irritation on the skin. Due to the technique, hair grows slower and finer than traditional waxing methods.  Sugaring can extract hairs as short as 1/16th of an inch on clients who get sugared and exfoliate their skin regularly, resulting in a cleaner and smoother hair removal process.  Sugaring is cost effective and better for the environment since there is no need for waste of sticks and strips.

Why train with Astrid?

Hi all potential sugaristas! Im Astrid and I’ve been an esthetician in Chicago since 2017, and have been perfecting the art of sugaring since 2020. I’m super passionate about this ever flourishing ever changing industry and want to spread my knowledge on this high demand service that is Sugaring. When you take a sugaring certification course with me you will receive hands on personal guidance in a small intimate class setting or private one on one training. Most importantly, I am dedicated to your ongoing success as a working Sugarista post certification, and will provide support no matter where in your sugaring career you may find yourself.

What you will learn?

Sugar Theory- where it originated, why and how it works, and how to talk to your clients about the benefits of sugaring and the importance of keeping a regular sugaring schedule.  Work with different sugar pastes and learn how to custom blend pastes according to the area being sugared.  How to prep the skin before the sugaring treatment and how to use post care.  Proper hand positioning for applying sugar and flicking motion for removing sugar.
Lower Leg Sugaring
Arm Sugaring
Underarm Sugaring
Facial Sugaring (Lip and Brows)
Bikini and Brazilian Sugaring
One on one assistance in which I will teach you how to get out of sticky situations.

Is a Kit Included?

No, you must register for an account and purchase a kit. (Kits range from $99-$700) through Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring at at least 2 weeks before your class date to ensure it arrives before class.

Once you register and order your kit, you will receive, via email, access to an Online Theory Course to be completed prior to the class date as well as a hard copy of the training manual that ships with your kit to the location of your training, which will be at Sugar High Studio located in the Painless waxing Boutique Storefront at 3146 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60657

Additionally, once you complete your Sugaring Certification Course, you will be able to purchase your sugaring pastes and supplies directly through Tamara’s website with your very own account.


Classes are for licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists or for students currently in these programs. Prior to booking your class, you must present me via email a current valid copy of your license or beauty school ID or proof of current enrollment in beauty school.
To reserve your spot for an upcoming class, there is a required non-refundable $200 deposit due to hold your spot and will be applied to your balance. The remaining non-refundable course fee is due one week prior to class.  Students will be working on each other, so please grow out your body hair for at least a couple of weeks prior to class. If taking a private class, I will provide models with appropriate hair length to work on, in exchange for a product fee.  Please trim your nails. Your fingernails (even if they are fake) must be cut short, since the sugaring technique is performed with gloved hands using the fingertips for application of sugar. Long nails can rip through the gloves and can make the application of sugar very uncomfortable for clients.

Class Pricing

Small Group Class ( 2 Students)
$650 per student for 1 Day Certification Course

(Students will work on each other as well as models.)

Private 1 Day Certification Course
$750 ( I will provide models if you can’t find any)

Advanced One on One Training in the Art of Brazilian Sugaring
3 hour course $275

Advanced One on One Training in Student‘s area(s) of choice
$190 for 2 hours (student must bring models)

**Advanced Training is only offered to students already certified in Sugaring**

Upcoming Class Dates

Please contact me directly to set up a convenient class date for your Sugaring Certification. Classes will normally take place on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday. Call or text Astrid at 312.868.7709 or fill out contact form below. (Texting is the fastest/easiest way to contact me) I look forward to helping you become a successful Sugarisita!!