What kind of wax do you use ?

For larger areas, such as leg or arm waxing, we exclusively use soft wax. For smaller areas like underarms or the bikini area, we use a combination of hard and soft wax. Our belief is that a combination of both gives the best, fastest and most efficient results. Sometimes because of different hair types and lengths, we might use more of one over the other kind. We ask our clients to respect our professional opinion and skills in which we were trained, to be able to do the best job possible for each individual. Please take under consideration, that just because you might have had an unpleasant experience with either hard or soft wax, it’s usually not the kind of wax itself, but it’s the quality and skills of the technician that can either give a great or less than desired results. If you insist on using hard wax only for your Brazilian bikini wax, please select Hard Wax Only option while scheduling. For any other bikini wax, please call or text us in advance to schedule an extra time, since it does take a bit longer to complete the service. There also might be an up charge of up to $10.00 for the product fee per service.

Is there a minimum age requirement for waxing services?

If you are a minor (under 18 years of age), you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or your parent/guardian must sign our consent waiver in order to receive any services. Minimum age for a Brazilian wax is 16 with parent/guardian consent.

What results can I expect ?

Hair will come back thinner due to the weakening of the follicle.

How often should I wax ?

For best results we recommend waxing every 4 to 6 weeks.

How long should the hair be for waxing ?

Hair should be at least 1/4″ to be successfully waxed.

How does hair grow ?

Hair does not grow at the same speed. Some hair reaches the surface faster than other.
If hair is in the Anagen phase (growing), then, usually not more than 10 % of the hair will grow back if removed at this time.
If the hair is in the Catalan phase (resting), a higher percentage of hair will grow back.

Bumps or pustules

Bumps or pustules after waxing occur due to trauma to the sebaceous gland.
The trauma of hair removal sends the skin into a reactionary stage causing the follicle to become overstimulated, thus creating the bump or pustule.
This normally only occurs after the first and/or second waxing experience.
Post care products and a soft loofah or body scrub every 2-3 days at the shower will eliminate the bumps and prepare the skin for continued waxing services.

Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are a common after effect due to the hair follicle not being strong enough to penetrate the skin, it therefore curls up under the skin.
At home products are always recommended in between services to keep the skin supple and encourage the hair to break the surface.